Making Patio Furniture with Umbrella


Patio furniture with umbrella – Patio umbrellas provide shade from the sun and rain protection. You can make your own patio umbrella PVC pipe, which is in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. This unique project do-it-yourself is sure to be a conversation piece when guests visit. You will use tubes and joints diameter of 1 inch to build their umbrellas, along with waterproof fabric in any design or color you want.

Patio furniture with umbrella applies a dab of glue PVC in a flange gasket PVC 6 way. Press 1-inch section of PVC pipe stuck in the flange. Wipe off any glue that oozes with a paper towel. Glue the bottom wing of a set of 5-way on the section of PVC pipe. The other four flanges must be twisted so that the corners of the flanges face in the first joint.

Patio furniture with umbrella, glue a PVC tube 6 feet on the bottom edge of the 6-together. This will be the base of the umbrella, and leaves only the eight flanges open side. Glue a PVC pipe 2 feet on each remaining flange. Stick an elbow joint 45 degrees at the end of each pipe 2 feet, each angled downward. Glue a PVC pipe 1 foot in each elbow joint. Glue an end cap at the other ends of each tube 1 foot. Allow the glue to dry for the time recommended on the package. With this umbrella frame is completed.

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