How to Build Cyclone Fence


Cyclone fence is also known as chain link or hurricane fence. The name derives from the fact that it is able to withstand strong winds of damaging storms which often overthrow other types of fencing. It is economical to install and durable. E ‘is often used to encompass safe swimming areas, playgrounds and schools, but is also commonly erected around construction areas and also private yards.

Once you have determined the size of the area that you want to retain, you can calculate how many messages you need. Set posts by line 8-10m away. Make sure your post corner and gate are heavy enough to resist the pressure of fencing stretched without bending.

When building a cyclone fence, it is necessary to anchor the concrete posts, in order to use a plumb bob or a level to ensure that they are straight before drying cement.

Finally, if you are building cyclone fence to keep pets in your garden, you need to run a wire through the fence at the bottom to keep them from pushing their way out.

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