Build a Backyard BBQ Pit


A backyard bbq pit allows you to cook large portions of meat on a wood fire. It is possible to slow cook meat on a barbecue pit involving seasoned meat, uncooked in a brown paper bag. Cover the wet paper bag with newspaper before placing it on the backyard bbq pit cooking. Dig 10 inches of soil from a rectangular area where they plan to build backyard bbq pit, using a shovel. Use a level to make sure the base of the pit is flat when finished digging. Add 2 inches of gravel into the pit. Blocks of cement setting in the wet mortar.

The edges fit together. Use the level as you go to ensure that all blocks are level. Use a trowel to add mortar to the bottom of the first block of the second row. Place the first row of bricks, which should be close to ground level, at the top of the second course of blocks. Place mortar over the bottom and sides of each brick to hold it in place. Avoid using excessive amounts of mortar. Clean all dripping down the face of the brick. Establishing additional courses of bricks until the barbecue pit is as high as you want.

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