Balcony Vegetable Garden


Balcony vegetable garden – Basically, have a vegetable garden on the balcony require planting in pots or window boxes and this means less roots rooting and increased evaporation of water, the sun and the heat warms the walls of the container. Thus, two important maintenance: watering plants and allocate them in a container with enough space for the proper development of each species.

However, there is no point to start thinking in a beautiful garden on the balcony if you do not receive at least four hours of sunlight per day. Sun private plants are not doing well, their thin trunks and branches, elongated and fragile.
There are several ways you can assemble a balcony vegetable garden.

As in the bed in the yard, land for cultivation should always be moist but well drained, to avoid root rot. For good drainage put pieces of bricks, tiles broken or crushed stone, followed by a drainage blanket or coarse sand on the bottom of the container. The top layer of pine bark helps keep moisture substrate. Balcony vegetable garden, a trend that wind will be more severe, the vegetables were chosen to be more resistant to the action.

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