Backyard Fences Design


Wood backyard fences serve both as a barrier to ensure a measure of privacy and security and as a classy decor for your property. Much of the labor and craftsmanship that were once needed to build a fence attractive wood in the backyard has been simplified with the introduction of modern kits, prefabricated wooden fence panel. With these kits, anyone can build a picket privacy fence with only a few basic gardening skills and carpentry.

Mark where your fence posts with stakes belong walk along the perimeter of your backyard fences with a measuring wheel, planting stakes at intervals that match the width of the fence panels. Make sure the fence line is on your property and not your neighbor.

Backyard fences tie a string line between each of the units of the corners and use that visual reference to verify the fence righteousness. Move any bets that are crooked. Dig post holes for each game. All post holes must be dug to a uniform equal to one third of the height of the fence posts timber depth, and twice the width of the posts. Set the corner posts, end posts and gate posts, particularly since these positions require greater strength.

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