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What is the difference between thick pavers and thin pavers? Where you have to use a good product? Are thick pavers cost more than thin pavers? Can I install pavers thin on my street? This is a common question that we get from the owner of the house all the time.

One of the differences is thick and thin pavers this is if pavers thickness ranges from two and 3/8 for three and a half inches in thickness. They are typically used in new construction. When you build a new house and choose your pavers for landscaping, thick pavers will be used. If you add a new pool for your existing home and decided to install the pavers as decking surface, thick pavers will be used.

Thin pavers were created to remodel existing swimming pool decks, patios, walkways, and the front entry. They are perfect for any non-vehicle applications that remodels existing concrete slab. By technical definition, thin pavers are not considered pavers. Instead, they are considered to be tiled. Their thick relative to their shape prevents them from being considered a paver. Typically, thin pavers are anywhere from three quarters of an inch in thickness of one inch and a quarter. Because they are about half the thickness of regular pavers, they should cost less.

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